Morro de São Paulo

Morro de São Paulo is the main village on the island Tinharé, 270 km from the city of Salvador by road and boat or 60 km by sea. The only way to arrive on the island is by boat or by plane (from the airport of Salvador).

There are only very few cars allowed on the island, connecting the airport, some hotels and the villages to Morro de São Paulo. The island is a great place to leave the crowdy and loud cities behind and enjoy some time in the village without cars and to enter the Atlantic Ocean at one of its beaches with clear water and natural swimming pools between corals.

The island Tinharé was discovered in 1531 by Martim Afonso of Sousa and became free place for pirates. In 1535 the village of Morro de São Paulo was founded on the northern end of the island.

Arriving at the island by boat you pass the old fortress from 1728 and the lighthouse before you reach the harbor. There the taxis of the island (men with wheelbarrows) are waiting for you to take you to your hotel or pousada (guesthouse). From the harbor you have to walk up the steep hill where you reach the village with its restaurants, shops, hotels and pousadas. On the top of the hill there is the church and monastery Convento Santo Antônio from 1845.

The main beaches are numbered: first beach, second beach … fourth beach. The first beach begins in the village and the second is situated at its end. The next beaches are outside, you have the possibility to walk along them, enjoying the peace, with only very few people being there. Also there are several possibilities to make a tour by schooner or to dive in the coral reefs and see the fish in many colors..

At the first beach there also ends a tiroleza (Zip-line), beginning at the lighthouse. Also on the way to the lighthouse is a great place to have a drink during sunset and maybe stay longer to dance: Toca Chill Out Bar and Dance Club

Later you return to the village and have dinner there or at one of the restaurants at the second beach, which have their tables and sofas on the sand…

… or you buy a drink at one of the stands and sit somewhere at the beach.