Center of São Paulo

History, culture and shopping

The center of  São Paulo offers tourists several places to visit. Take a walk from the Praça da República (Republic Place) along the Rua Barão de Itapetininga. At the end you see on your left the restaurated Teatro Muncipal (muncipal theatre) and on the right the Shopping Center “Light”. Below the bridge behind the Shopping Center there is the Parque Anhangabaú, which formerly was an avenue, today the cars take a tunnel beneath the park. On the other side of the bridge the lord mayor has his office, the big banks have their buildings in the Avenida São João closeby.

Walking straight on through the streets of the center of  with its partly very nice shops you arrive at the Praça da Sé (Square of Sé) with the cathedral Sé at one end of the square and a mark in the center of it, which is said to be the absolute center of São Paulo (photo above).

Going along the Rua Boa Vista you finally are in front of the more than 400 years old Benedictine Monastery Bento. From here it also is only a minute to the Rua 25 de Março (Street 25th of March) where you should have a look at the many shops, generally selling fakes of big makes. Also interesting is to watch, how fast the stands on the street disappear, when the police arrives. You should be careful, there are many pickpockets doing their job.

From Bento you walk on and cross the bridge Viaduto Santa Ifigênia. Then turn left in Rua Dom José de Barros until you arrive at the square Largo do Paissandu where there is a church.

At this square there also is a shopping center, specialized on things that many young people like, also many tatoo shops. Now walk along the Avenida São João until you are at the corner of Avenida Ipiranga (two blocks). On the other side of the avenue is a famous bar, called Brahma Chopp, where you can enjoy a nice beer. (Chopp is draft beer).

From here, only one block far, walking the Avenida Ipiranga to the left, you arrive at  the Praça da República again where we started our walk.

Another place worthwile a visit is the mercado muncipal (the city market hall). There you can get an imagination of all the fruits and vegetables of Brazil. Also there are some good restaurants in the first floor of the market hall, from where you can relax a bit, having good food, a drink and watching business in the market hall.