The metropolitan area

Embu das Artes

The history begins in 1554 with a settlement of jesuits and has today 250 thousand inhabitants, situated in the metropolitan region of  São Paulo. Formerly only called Embu the city added “das Artes” (of arts) as it developed to be a well-known touristic place for arts. The historic center with it´s old houses is well preserved, most of them are galleries for art, handcraft, furniture and some restaurants. Each weekend tourists from the region go there to spend the day, to make some shopping in this nice athmosphere.

In a small street there is a museum of the indigenous culture in Brazil.




Paranapiacaba is a small city in the mountains, actually a little more than a train station. Here you have a marvellous view to the coast and Santos, and you can make walks in the rainforest, too.

The trains from Santos to São Paulo and further pass here a steep part (10.7%). There is also a train station constructed by British, opened 01/01/1902.
Each July there takes place a festival of music, people come from all over the country to stay a few days. As there aren´t enough pousadas, inhabitants also offer to stay in their houses.