Bertioga, the next large town north of Guarajá with its 30,000 inhabitants, offers an excellent infrastructure for tourism. There is lodging for every taste and pocket, many possibilities for leisure and adventure (fishing, diving, walking, ecological trails and historical culture). Bertioga has more than 30 km of beautiful beaches, nearly 500 km of Mata Atlântica with waterfalls, natural swimming pools and a large area of preservation.

Ecotourism is very important in this region. There are several possibilities to visit the Mata Atlântica by canoe, but also with guides by foot. Schooners, fishing boats and motorboats can be rented for fishing or swimming outside in the ocean or to visit an island. Before Bertioga was founded by the Portuguese in about 1532, the place was occupied by Indians of the tribe Tupi-Guarani, that called the place of “Buriquioca” (house of the apes). In 1547 the fort São João was built, which still exists and is the oldest in Brazil.

A big event is the Festa Nacional do Índio, taking place every year in April. Today, Bertioga is aware of the culture of the indigenous people. Since 2001 this takes place, meanwhile it is the largest native cultural event in Brazil with about 300,000 visitors from all parts of the world, presenting cultural manifestations, sporting traditions, corporal paintings and craft from many indigenous tribes.

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Quirino Ostras (Oysters)