Guarujá is only 90 km far from the capitol São Paulo and many of its residents like to spend their weekends or vacations there. Guarujá offers well frequented beaches as well as beaches, where you will be more or less by yourself.

A big city as Guarujá of cause offers you everything that you wish. First class hotels, cheap lodging houses as well, golf and many other possibilities of sport, nightlife and shopping. The beach of Enseada is a well known place for jetskiing.

Guarujá was founded on September 2, 1893 and it counted just a hotel, a casino and 46 small houses. Today it has about 300,000 inhabitants. It is located on Santo Amaro island. The first European to land at the beach of Santa Cruz dos Navegantes was famous Américo Vespúcio at 22nd of January 1502.

The name Guarujá was given by the indian tribes that which means narrow passage (Guaru-ya), as it was the narrowest place between the continent and the island, devided by the Bertioga Canal.


If you prefer a stay with all possibilities of a city, but also with wonderful beaches, Guarujá is the right place for you.