São Sebastião

The city is one of the oldest at the coast, the island of São Sebastião, better known as Ilhabela (Beautiful Island) is only 2 miles off the coast. São Sebastião is a port for oil and has oil industry, but has a small historic center which is worthwhile to see. Its name the city has from Amerigo Vespucci, who passed at January 20th, 1502 (the day of Saint Sebastian) the channel between the island and the continent.

In front of the city there are a few nice beaches, but also you can make many trips from here to the island Ilhabela, to Ubatuba in the northeast or to the southwest with the beautiful beaches of the communities of São Sebastião as Maresias, Toque Toque, Juquehy, Barra do Una, Barra do Sahy and others.

Also, as in the complete region, there are many possibilities to make walks in the atlantic rainforest, seeing the unique flora and fauna, having a shower under a waterfall or swimming in a natural pool. These tours are only possible with a guide licensed by the government.



Praia Preta

Toque Toque