Ilhabela (beautiful island), as the island is called, was discovered 1502 by Américo Vespúci, who gave her the name Ilha do São Sebastão. With its 340 square kilometres it is the largest Brazilian island in the Atlantic ocean. The origin is of volcanos. You approach Ilhabela in a twenty minute trip via ferry boat from the city of São Sebastião.

If there is a chance you also should spend some time visiting the old centre of São Sebastão. Ilhabela offers many possibilies to the visitor: beaches, 360 waterfalls and the rain forest (Mata Atlântica). 85% of the island are protected area. Many good guided tours are possible. It also is well known for its cachaça.

The main beaches, hotels and villages are located at the calm side of the island at the channel facing the continent, with a road from north to south. The other side of the island you can only reach by jeep or by boat. It is windier there, perfect for surfers. Around the island there are many ship wrecks, something special for divers. To see all of the island you should hire a boat for a trip of two days and if you are lucky, you will see dolphins.

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