Ubatuba is the city most north at the coast of São Paulo, the tropic of Capricorn passes the city. The next city further north is Paraty in the state of Rio de Janeiro. In 1554 the first settlement was established, since 1855 Ubatuba is a town.

A part of the community of Ubatuba is in the Parque Estadual da Serra do Mar (State Park of the Serra do Mar), one of the largest protected areas in the state. Ubatuba is well known for its 92 beaches, which are, depending on the location, are perfect for surfers or for swimming and tanning. The beaches close to the center of the city are said not to be very clean.

If you want to see one of the most beautiful and loneliest beaches of Brazil you have to go to the Praia do Cedro, surrounde by protected rainforest and with a big maritim life, ideal for diving or snorkeling. You get there by walking about one hour from the beach Praia da Fortaleza. Very popular for surfing is the beach Praia Vermelho, not far from the city. Some miles further north you can find some quiet places as Picinguaba, which is in the center of the State Park Serra do Mar.

The city itself has a small part with beautiful old houses in which mainly are shops, restaurants, pousadas (guest houses) or hotels. At the seaside there is the local station of Projeto Tamar, that preserves the population of turtles. You should pay a visit there in any case. Also worthwhile are trips by schooners, for example early in the morning to the island Ilha Anchieta, where you can make a walk to the ruins of a former prison (1902 – 1914). The ocean around the Ilha Anchieta is one of the most beautiful diving areas of Brazil.

By NiltonLeme [CC BY-SA 3.0 (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0)], from Wikimedia Commons
More ruins, worthwhile to visit, but on the continent and very close to the center, are the Ruinas Lagoinha, of a big old fazenda (farm). And a bit north of the city, off the road Rio – Santos, is the Casa da Farinha (House of Flour), an old mill.

On the way north to Paraty, directly below the road Rio -Santos you should make a break (parking the car on the side of the road – don´t leave things visible in the car) and walk a few meters down to the waterfall Cachoeira Prumirim, where you can swim in a natural pool or slide down the polished rocks.

Shortly before the border to the State of Rio de Janeiro there is another waterfall, directly on the left side of the road Rio – Santos, called Cachoeira Escadas. On the right side of the road there is a road leaving to the beach most north of Ubatuba, Praia Cambury. In this region, in the rainforest, is a quilombo (settlement of runaway slaves), which was discovered only in the year 2005 and may be visited with a guide as the quilombo is under special protection of the government.

Ubatuba – pure nature