An interesting place to go are Iguape and the island Ilha Comprida (Long Island) at the southern coast of the state of São Paulo. You need about two hours from PETAR and three from São Paulo to get there.

Iguape is one of the oldest cities of Brazil, after Cananéia and was a Spanish foundation until it became Portuguese with the Treaty of Tordesilhas. Finding gold in the region the city grew very fast, in the 17th century the first Brazilian coins were produced here. After the gold rush the city survived by planting a very good rice, which was exported to Europe. It is said that each week ten ships with rice left for Europe. When shortening the way to the sea port by a channel, the river Rio Ribeira left a lot of sand in the harbor, which meant the end of the importance of Iguape.

Today, Iguape with its basilica and historic center is a place to relax, life is passing very slow there. In the evening many people sit in front of their houses, just relaxing or talking with their neighbors. Spend an evening at the pizzaria in front of the basilica and enjoy the slowliness of everything, people, cars, delivery boys with their motor bikes. It is really amazing.

Crossing the the bridge you arrive at the northern part of Ilha Comprida. Here are many pousadas (bed and breakfast) and crossing the only road heading from the north to the south of the island you are at the beach which stretches to the far south of the island, which is 70 kms away.

The southern end is not easy to approach as the road ends after about 50 kms and you have to drive on the beach. This might be risky, depending how the ocean is. Where the road ends you have a wonderful dune area, which is worthwhile visiting, if you have the time.

At the southern end of the island there is a ferry boat going to Cananéia. But we really suggest to take the road on the continent to get there.