Tour SP – Rio – SP

Something special is a tour São Paulo – Rio – São Paulo or the other way.

If you have the time make a trip via the highway on the highland to Rio and return from Rio to Santos along the coast. You will follow a long valley (Vale Paraíba) with high mountains, also places to stop and make visits as in Aparecida (with its famous cathedral), Campo do Jordão in the mountains (cold in winter) a nacional park and more. And finally, approaching Rio from the mountains is spectacular.

We suggest to plan at least 8 days for this tour.

Some photos of this tour you can see in our photo gallery at the end of the page and others on the pages of the towns on this site.

The tour leads you from São Paulo to Aparecida (Wikipedia), the most popular religious pilgrimage site in Latin America: There is the Basílica de Nossa Senhora Aparecida, after the Papal Basilica of Saint Peter in the Vatican the largest church in the world. On we go via the highway  Via Dutra (Wikipedia) to Rio de Janeiro. Because of the great view you should plan to descend from the highland during sunset.

So, if you still have time, make a tour to Bananal, a small isolated town with historic houses in the coastal mountains.

When you continue driving to Rio de Janeiro, immediately at the beginning of the descent there is a kiosk in a bend where you can park your car. Just a few steps further, there is an unfortunately decaying monument, from which you have an excellent view of the region, most beautiful at the time of the sunset.

After visiting Rio de Janeiro you head for Santos along the along the coast, the Costa Verde. During the trip you pass many villages and towns, but the first really interesting one is Angra dos Reis, with its famous beaches on the islands off the coast. The last town in the state of Rio de Janeiro is Paraty, which is famous because of its historic center. Also it offers walking torus on the former royal road (Estrada Real), quilombos (settlements of former slaves), beaches in the area, which you can reach by schooner and much more. The next town along the coast is Ubatuba, already at the northern coast of São Paulo, with its many beaches, waterfalls, etc.

Heading on in direction Santos you arrive at São Sebastião with the island Ilhabela, later you pass many small beaches until you reach Bertioga. There you take the ferry to the island of Guarujá. Driving along the channel between the island and the continent you will reach the cita of Guarujá at the other end of the island. It is located directly across from Santos, the largest harbor of Southern America.

From here, as too from a few other towns along the coast you can return to São Paulo.

We want to inform you, that you need a car to make this tour or need a driver with a car. As we organize the tour particularly for you, searching hotels, planning your stay we have to charge a fee. Please ask us.

If you are interested please contact us.