Riviera de São Lourenço is a very modern and exclusive town at the coast and belongs to Bertioga. It is only 31.5 km from Guarujá and 120 km from São Paulo. It offers everything that you need for life: a shopping center, good restaurants, bars etc. The beaches are very clean, you can make long walks and enjoy the lovely Atlantic Ocean. From Riviera de São Lourenço are many tours to the Mata Atlântica (atlantic rainforest) possible.

A must is to visit the quiosques at the road to São Sebastião, only a few kilometers away: they are famous for their fish, directly from the fishing boat. Close to Riviera de São Lourenço there are some condomínios, where rich people have their beach houses, many are also available for you. These condomínios (for example Costa do Sol) are not public, so you can spend a very quiet time there. There is also the one or other hotel.

For a luxury stay with all infrastructures you should stay in Riviera de São Lourenço